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Daikin 3D

Daikin 3D

05. may 2017 Štefan Liška air conditioners

Daikin 3D is the application allows you to choose the air conditioning and watch it at home BEFORE you buy!

Print the "marker" on a A4 or A3 sheet (for distances up to 3 or over 3 meters). Place the sheet on the wall where you wish to install the unit, frame the sheet with your tablet and your air conditioner will pop-up in 3D in its original size.

Turn it on, get close, watch from every angle and even take a picture so you can take some time to compare all the possibilities that Daikin offers.

Place the "marker" on the ground on the terrace or balcony where you would like to install the outdoor unit (range of single and multi-split) and you will see it appear on the screen. Via this way you can choose the best location for proper operation and maintenance.

App for iPhone, apk for Android (size cca 120 MB)

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